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We quilt with emotion,

when sewing by the Ocean.

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The Sea Pals Quilters group was formed in early 1990, when a group of quilt enthusiasts got together. They soon found that other ladies and gentlemen shared their love of fabric and the art of quilting and a group was soon organized. The Sea Pals Quilters have been a very active and growing organization since then.

One of the founding members, Eileen Paulsen, is still with us but no longer an active member. Thanks to all for your great work in creating an organization which we all enjoy being a part of.

The purpose of our organization is to promote and enhance the art of quilts and quilt making by exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and donating to and assisting organizations such as our Ocean Shores food bank. We try to encourage fellow quilt enthusiasts by participating in traditional home quilting bees, and to educate and increase the knowledge of quilting techniques. We enjoy sharing our ideas and patterns and helping fellow members with quilting projects.

Starting in 1992, the Sea Pal Quilters have made a group quilt which is raffled off each year. This not only creates an income for the group; it has also become a favorite tradition. Our current group quilt can be seen on one of the tabs to the left.

Other special projects have included making toddler and baby quilts, which are donated to various health organizations. We also have both formal and informal quilt shows, the most prominent being annually, in the Ocean Shores convention center, which also includes a total city quilt walk as part of the show.Please see our tab for details of our next show.

We welcome any and all newcomers in our community to join our organization, and you may contact any one of our Officers listed in the Officer's tab, for further details.


Remember: Quilting forever - Housework whenever!

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